„Culture Through Food” - an Erasmus+ KA1 Youth Exchange project - in Hungary, September 2015

E+ KA1 YE - Culture Through Food 2015

Food Club Foundation (Élelmiszerklub Alapítvány) in Budapest, Hungary is looking for sending partners for its new planned project.

  • „Culture Through Food” is an Erasmus+ KA1 Youth Exchange project which aim is to show the youth how big and important part for each nations, countries the gastronomy is. 
  • We would like to give a deeper knowledge of the whole process of producing food and what are the main points of it and how determinative national food is. And also how it works in the European nations. 
  • Participants are going to learn these through various ways: factory visit, workshops, group programs which also improve social communication.
  1. Show participants what’s the connection between culture and food
  2. Raise young people’s awareness with their own national specificities (with food)
  3. See the process of the food producing in modern and tradiotional ways
  4. Learn Europian countries’ most determinative and important cultural and gastronomical traditions
Venue: Budapest, Hungary
Date: 29 September - 5 October, 2015

Working languages: English and Hungarian
Number of participants: 4 youth (ages 18-30) + 1 leader
Number of the countries: 6 + 1 (Hungary)

Would your organisation like to be a sending partner in our project?
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