EU Forum


Food Club EU Forum is the range of Food Club Foundation events 

We present the invited countries’ food-economy, analyze their competitiveness and the market results of food-producers and raw material-producers on the Forum. Additionally we dissect their opportunities, difficulties, the structure and change of their food-commerce, the choice of domestic products in yonder food marts and consumer requirements.

First two lectures can be seen here:

I. Food Club EU Forum, Poland - 20th February, 2013
Which way does Polish food- economy develop and how do Hungarian enterprises join to it?

II. Food Club EU Forum, Czech Republic - 20th March, 2013
Food industry’s run in the Czech Republic since it became a member of the EU. Cooperation opportunities in Hungarian and Czech food- and agricultural branches.

Negotiations are constantly going on with chancelleries and commercial representations about dates  referring to next forums. If you liked to get message about new lectures, please send an e-mail: