Goals of the Food Club Foundation:

* To contribute to the sustainability and increasing competitiveness of the Hungarian food economy,

* To help Hungarian customers find in the shops a wide choice of food products produced in this country,

* Food producers may sell their products through various food trading channels,

* Food producers may make their products from Hungarian raw materials,

* Agricultural producers may come up on a high level to the processors’, merchants’, restaurateurs’ and consumers’ requirements.

The objectives include supporting the increase of conscious buyers, the preservation of values of the rural area, the sustainable development of its economy, the force to keep the number of its population on the rise, and to enhance their living standard.

In order to reach its goals,  the Food Club Foundation deals with the following activities:

1. Collecting European and Hungarian research materials relating to the goals, processing and analysing them, as well as publishing the results. Research activity to explore new solution possibilities.

2. Seeking, collecting, analysing and publishing European and Hungarian successful solutions, practices relating to the goals.

3. Organizing forums, meetings, clubs, events, issuing and publishing printed material in order to seek relevant solution options in order to explore, promote and circulate them.

4. Organizing lectures, seminars, courses, conferences and workshops all over the country in the traditional way and by Internet, in order to change attitudes and transmit the collected knowledge and experience.

5. Seeking, publishing and maintaining the traditions of food production, manufacturing, distribution and consumption.

6. Cooperation, exchange of experiences, organization of common programs, realization of joint research, creation and distribution of joint publications, joint communication with Hungarian and European civil organizations so that the foundation’s goals may be realized.

While aiming at the realization of its goals, the Foundation operates in consideration of, and for a better quality of life, the protection of the consumers’ interests, the preservation of values, the maintenance of the cultural heritage and the protection of nature and environment.